I’m very well aware that I’m replaceable to you, but that just makes me give less of a fuck about everything. It was a revelation realizing that nothing is constant in life, except the end of it. My freedom was defined by this thought. The moment I figured this out, I became free, as if a certain weight was lifted from my shoulders. I’m nobody’s, I don’t belong to anyone, I wasn’t made to fit in, but I do exist and I do have a purpose. My dreams are bigger than the norms. I am bigger than life. I am the wind itself and the rain that is drowning all my sorrows away. I am the constant movement in nature and the flowers that have yet to bloom. I am the ocean that is disappearing in the distance as the evening sun is setting. I am every star that ever shone on the sky and every cloud that made you remember something about yourself. I matter to myself and my happiness is important to me. I’m replaceable to you, but I’m not replaceable in life. I am everything and therefore, I want everything.

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Who’s to say tomorrow won’t be the best day of your life?

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Can we stop waiting
for the life we want to live,
and live it instead?

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